Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Stir Fried Roast Duck with Spring Onion and Coriander

 Stir Fried Roast Duck with
Spring Onion and Coriander
What do you do if you have left over Roast Duck?
Of course, to stir fry it!
This dish was done last few months ago and nearly totally forgotten
about it.  My husband loves to eat any stir fried meat with garlic,
spring onion and coriander.  You can have this method of stir fry
for left over chicken or other meat.

 Some leave over of Roast Duck.
1/2 handful of Coriander (wash, clean and cut into 1 inch of length)
1/2 handful of Spring Onion (wash, clean and cut into 1 inch of length)
2 cloves of Garlic (minced)

 Heat up 2 tablespoons of cooking oil and stir fry the garlic.
Do not over brown the garlic.

 Add in the Roast Duck and stir fry for two minutes.

 Add in the Spring Onion and Coriander.

Stir fry for another 2 minutes and season with salt and pepper.

Now you have another delicious home cook dish instead 
of throwing it away.  Am I right?
Happy Cooking and hope you have a wonderful long holiday.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Aloe Vera With Red Dates Drink

Aloe Vera with Red Dates Drink
 My kids love this drink. You can call it herbal drink or even Tong Sui
but at the end, it is just one delicious drink. 
I bought this Aloe Vera from an Organic Shop and cost me only
RM2.80 which is cheap to me since I don't have this plant.
To chinese, this drink is "Yun" to our body (boosts immune system).
My kids said that this drink taste exactly the same  from the famous shop
that we bought.  With the crazy weather nowadays, do boil it for your family.
It is cheap to boil by our self and even great to know that we can have
more of the Aloe Vera compare to store bought.
1 pc of Aloe Vera
6 pcs of Red Dates (wash and seeded)
 My sister in law taught me the easiest method to handle the Aloe Vera.
DO NOT PEEL it cause it is very slimy and difficult to handle.
Cut around 4 to 6 inches in length and slice into half.
You will noticed the orange slimy dripping out....no worry,
just need to soak all of it into water for 10 minutes.
 After soaking for 10 minutes, rinse it well and drip all the water.
 Use sharp edge of  the soup ladle to scoop out the Aloe Vera.
See....so easy.
 Cut the Aloe Vera into desired sizes.
 Boil 1.5 liter of water with red dates for 45 minutes with medium fire.
Towards 30 minutes, add in the sugar cane rock sugar.
 After 45 minutes, add in the Aloe Vera and cook for 5 minutes only
and then switch off the fire.
You can drink it cold or warm.
I prefer warm and my kids prefer cold.

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Stir Fried Potato and Mushroom with Black Pepper

Stir Fried Potato and Mushroom
with Black Pepper
Today is the last day of Puasa Month (Fasting Month) for Muslims.
They will be celebrating Hari Raya tomorrow and my family
and I would like to take this opportunity to wish our Muslim friends
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri!
During the Puasa Month, our company will close at 4.00 pm and
our lunch of 1 hour will be shortened to 30 minutes.  Since we are not fasting,
it is very difficult to look for food within 1/2 hour.
So, we take turns to bring home cooked food to the office.  
This dish was cooked by me on Wednesday night for Thursday's lunch.
Even though this dish is meatless, my colleagues gave me a thumbs up.
As usual, they remind me to list this dish in my blog ;)

I did not weigh these ingredients because I was a bit tired. 
I reached home at 8.00 pm and cooked this dish straight away.
By looking at these pictures, I believe you will be able
to estimate it.

1/2 hand full of Spring Onion.
Shimeji Mushroom.
6 Australia Chat Potatoes.
6 cloves of Garlic.

Potatoes - Cut into quarter.
Shimeji Mushroom - Cut the bottom.
Spring Onion - Cut the white part away and cut into 2 inches.
Garlic - Minced.

Potatoes - Cook in salted water, drain and keep aside.

Heat up 2 tablespoon of cooking oil.
Add in minced Garlic, 3 teaspoons coarse Black Pepper and
1 tablespoon Oyster Sauce.

Remember not to burn the Garlic.
Stir until the Garlic slightly brownish.

Add in the Potatoes and Shimeji Mushroom.

Stir for 2 minutes.

Add in 1 tablespoon of Butter and stir until melted.

Add in Spring Onion and stir until well combined.
Add more Black Pepper or salt, if necessary.

Switch off the fire once the sauce is thicken and dry up.

While blogging this, my daughter told me that she secretly steal
some to taste and said it was flavourful.
My colleagues finished off the whole plate.  So happy to know
that they have enjoyed my home cook food.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

White Fungus, Red Dates and Dried Longan Dessert (Tong Sui)

White Fungus, Red Dates
and Dried Longan Dessert Drink
(Tong Sui)
 If you are not going out during this crazy hot weather, do boil
this drink for your family and yourself.  Nourishes and moistens the lungs.
As Chinese said "Yun".  Removes dryness and heat in our body.

 In this post, my kids and I would like to wish their dad
and my husband "A Very Happy Father's Day" and all
Fathers out there.  We will only celebrate this occasion
when he touches down from Hong Kong today late afternoon.

Wanted to tell something about my husband.  
This month end is our 24th Anniversary.  
In our marriage life, there is ups and downs.  
Mark my words, there won't be any rosy journey in any marriage life.  
With good relationship, good communication, respect and love one another, 
patience, give and take, loyal, faithful, loving, trust, and etc...
I bet your marriage life will be long lasting. 
Of course, sometimes my husband will give me pain in the neck.
My character is that I do NOT like to prolong in any arguments even though
if I am right or wrong.  It is not that I am giving in easily 
(as what my kids said).  To me if the argument is not life threatening and 
not a big deal, why want to argue until the cow comes home.  
Wasting my energy and time and also give me a bad mood.  I don't want that!
My husband is a guy who provides well for the family and 
a very good filial son and son in law and 
also I love him more because he sweep/clean the floor 
and scrup/clean the toilets (whole house).....no joke, from our marriage life
until to date.  The reason being because he is fanatic on cleanliness
and said that I do not use much energy in it and the rest is history.
All my friends and colleagues said that I am a lucky woman 
because majority Chinese businessmen won't do it.
BUT, if he step on my tail (do I have a tail?...hahaha) then, 
I won't speak to him.  He don't like it when I do not speak to him....
(another weapon to use if I wanted to win and refuse to back out).
As what my kids was saying, majority households will have the
husband lazy on the couch when the wife sweep/clean the floor and
in our household will be the opposite. LOL
Oh! the family photo taken is at Floating Market in Bandung 
around early of  February 2014.

Enough of the long story....back to my recipe.

 25g White Fungus
40g Dried Longan
40g Dried Red Dates
65g Rock Sugar Cane
1.5 Liter Water

 Soak and clean White Fungus for 20 minutes or until soften.
Cut the bottom hard part.  Cut to desire sizes.

Soak and clean Dried Longan and Red Dates for 10 minutes.
Seeded Red Dates.

 Add water and all ingredients (except for the Rock Sugar Cane)
into a pot and boil for 30 minutes or 1 hour depends on your fire
either high or medium.  I used pressure cooker and took me only
30 minutes.  Lastly, add in Rock Sugar Cane.

(Boil longer, if you wanted the White Fungus to be softer in texture)

You can drink it while it is hot or cold in room temperature.
I have some left over during the night time and kept it 
in a container and put inside the fridge to drink it the next day.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Buttermilk Baked Chicken

 Buttermilk Baked Chicken
 When I baked this, my son and family just loved it.
My son was so crazy with it until he himself cooked it
continuously for few weeks since he wanted more protein.  
I adapted this recipe from Sarah Carey from Martha Stewart.

 4 pounds Chicken (rinsed and patted dry) (4 pieces)
8 slices of White Bread (3 slices)
1 cup Buttermilk (1/2 cup)
1 tsp Hot Pepper Sauce (omitted)
Salt and Pepper (1/2 tsp Salt x 2 & 1 tsp Black Pepper x 2)
3/4 (2 1/2 oz) cup grated Parmesan Cheese (omitted)
1 tsp dried thyme (omitted)
Vegetable Oil, for baking sheet (omitted)

*Note (red colour is my modification)

Before you start your preparation, heat oven to 400 Degree.
Rub baking sheet with oil (omitted).
Rub chicken with Black Pepper and Salt.

Pour Buttermilk and more Pepper since I do not have Hot Pepper Sauce.
Mix until well combined.

Let it marinate for 30 minutes.

Pulse White Bread in food processor until coarse crumbs.

Mix the bread crumbs with the balance of the Pepper and Salt.
Mix until well.

Remove chicken from the Buttermilk mixture, letting excess drip dry
back into the container and place chicken in the bread crumbs.

Turning to coat evenly. 

Place coated chicken evenly in an oiled baking dish.

Bake for 35 minutes until cooked and golden brown.
After 20 minutes, turn over the chicken and cook further.

Verdict .......outside crispy and inside soft and tender.
Hmmm, will be even more delicious if we eat with 
fried wedges and salad.  Best in the world.

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